Bath QUEEN Subscription Box

Bath QUEEN Subscription Box

from 75.00

Can you believe that we have over 90 different soap scents?

Sometimes that can make it hard to make a decision. Well, look no further! Be a bath QUEEN with this jam packed set! You get to try out a few of our different products when you order our subscription box! In our subscription box is:

  • 3 FULL sized soaps

  • 3 Large bath bombs

  • 1 Small Bath Salt

  • 1 Misc. Bath Product (Sugar Scrubs, Face Mask, Lip Scrub, etc)

  • 3 Small Soap Samples

This is an amazing gift for yourself or for your kids!

So How Much Is Each Month Set?

  • 1 Month=$75

  • 3 Months=$220

  • 6 Months= $440

  • 12 Months= $880


How much will you save with each subscription box?

  • 1 Month Subscription Box= $0

  • 3 Month Subscription Box=$5

  • 6 Month Subscription Box=$10

  • 12 Month Subscription Box=$20 + Free Subscription Box (Value $75)

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What to expect with your subscription box:

When you receive your subscription box, you will see that it is tied with a pretty jute bow! When you open your box, you will find three full sized soaps, three small bath bombs, one small bath salt, and one miscellaneous item (face mask, lip scrub, sugar scrub, etc.). You will also find a pamphlet with the names and descriptions of the items in your box! Some months you may find a news letter in there as well.

When you order a subscription box from us, we will begin the process of getting your shipment ready. If you want to cancel this order before we ship it out please call us. In order to get a full refund you MUST cancel before your first shipment is sent out. If you don’t and we ship out your first shipment, you cannot cancel your whole order.

Example: You order a 3 month subscription service, we ship out your first shipment, after that shipment we cannot refund your money for the other shipments. You will continue to receive packages until your service has expired.

However, if there is an issue with your shipping, or if your items came in to you messed up, please let us know. We can not be responsible for USPS damaging your package for anything over $50. If you’d like to purchase insurance for all of your subscription boxes, please call and we can figure out different pricing for you. If it is an issue with our product that doesn’t relate to shipping, we will gladly replace your items if they are damaged. This is something that rarely happens though. :)