"Losing Your Cool?" Decal

"Losing Your Cool?" Decal

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Looking to show off some LJ’s pride? You’re looking in the right place! These decals range in small to larger sizes and we have 3 different colors to choose from: Black, White or Purple.

These are perfect for going on a mug, water bottle, car window, etc. Just find the size that best suits your needs!

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How to apply decal:

1. Make sure the surface that you are applying the decal to is clean and slick. No bumps, craters, or other objects should be obstructing the surface.

2. Peel off the transfer paper (the clear top layer) and the design will peel away with it. If the design has a hard time coming up, use a squeegie or credit card to help it come off. 

3. Next you will need to place the design where you'd like it to go. Have a squeegie or credit card handy to help apply the decal. Make sure you lay your design down left to right, using the squeegie or card to press down the design so there are no air bubbles. 

4. Peel off the transfer paper, and you're done! If the design is peeling up when you try to take off the transfer paper, that means the surface was either not clean, or not pushed down hard enough. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for decals once you have peeled off the transfer tape. If you see there is a design flaw, please do not peel off the top layer. Simply send it back to us or give us a call and we can fix the issue.